Thursday, March 21, 2019

Smack My Bitch Up

Since Hope Hicks is used to getting slapped around {allegedly} at home by Rob Porter, I think it's about time that someone else got their turn to take a whack at her.

That someone is Congress.

A Democratic led House Judiciary committee is opening an investigation into BLOTUS' potential obstruction of justice.

Potential.  Hasn't his entire campaign and time in office been a total obstruction on every level? And "justice" isn't a word he's known - and rightfully so - as of right now, he's gotten away with every. single. thing.

Those around him might be taking pleas or heading to the big house, but BLOTUS.......he's just the fat emperor with no clothes.   ....or true friends.  .....or brains.   .....or dignity.   (you can add 'morals' 'couth', and the list goes on and on and on....)

So, Hicks is reportedly cooperating voluntarily with this investigation unlike John Kelly and any other number of White House officials - past or present.

The committee is "asking for documents on a wide-range of topics, including over former national security adviser Michael Flynn's false statements to the FBI, the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey, Trump's involvement in a hush-money scheme to silence stories about his alleged affairs and the drafting of a misleading 2017 statement to the media about Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with Russians."

Hicks might be going volunatrily because she has not real information so she won't be hurting herself (that's what Rob Porter's for, folks!) or that fat fuck at 1600.

But this always raises a question for me:  WHY DO PEOPLE HOLD ONTO THESE DOCUMENTS????

Knowing there is an investigation on which could implicate themselves or those around them - do they do it 'in case' they need the 4-1-1 for leverage? 

I am constantly amazed what shows up years later. 

Hey, even if it comes up with nothing, I say keep pestering these bastards. Keep them in the public eye where they can only work for FOX since hopefully no other employer would touch them.

I know....I know. There are a lot of evil corps in the world that would be happy to have them on staff. It's quite sad.

Still, I'm ok with a public flogging of anyone in this administration.

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anne marie in philly said...

HELL YEAH! did you see fux noise hired paul ryan?