Sunday, March 17, 2019

Pay to Play

I have been contemplating all day (well, yesterday) not to write today. It's not for lack of subjects really. It might be due to too many

For now, I feel the need to skip over the mosque killings in New Zealand. I'm not in a place of mind to discuss the continued rise of white nationalism / supremacy. I'm not ready to tie it back to our current administration and the hate that is emanating from our country and spilling so far over the world. 

I guess we can tackle white privilege (again), with the whole college admissions 'scandal'. because that's all it seems to be - unless maybe you're a stellar athlete, then race is off the table. 

I guess I should be upset at Lori Laughlin if I knew who she was, but having never watched Full House or the Hallmark Channel, it seems unlikely I'm familiar with her work. Felicity Huffman, however, boooo.  You're ruining reruns of Sports Night for me, assuming anyone would ever pick that up for reruns. 

I'm not so sure what the big hoo-hah is about this 'scandal'. It's hardly news......or new.  Paying to get into schools has been going on for decades, if not longer.  You don't think Shrub, BLOTUS or Jared Kushner got into Yale, Wharton or Harvard (respectively) on their own volition, do you? 

If anything, the fathers of those three (well, the one that's still alive) should look to these whiter than white actresses to see how they got off so cheap. 

Wasn't Huffman's cost like $15,000?  That's only half a year's tuition and board. If anyone should be offended, it should be her kid: they didn't garner big bucks to break the rules.  They're not THAT special after all.  Still, I've seen her IMBD, she must have saved her dough from Desperate Housewives, because she hasn't been that relevant - and that other chick has been let go from, well....everything. 

But since we are tying this together, let's do talk white privilege and say a bigger form or getting into something you don't deserve, like say


How is this not the ultimate cheating scandal derived from power, money, nepotism and being Caucasian?

It seems cheating to get into college is just the prerequisite for cheating at your job in later life. 

I guess Felicity Huffman's kid has a job waiting for him / her in the very near future. 

On a side note:  who wouldn't want to be investigated by the above DOJ guy....and his finger???

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anne marie in philly said...

I'll pass on the DOJ guy; you never know where that finger has been.

Deedles said...

Anne Marie has a good point.

Ur-spo said...

I have ten of my own thank you/ don't need his.

David G said...

He looks like you. You are crushing on yourself!