Monday, March 25, 2019

My Music Monday

I have decided to embrace the 'baffling music' thing.  Like Popeye - I am what I am. That - and Popeye had an 'it's complicated' thing going on with Bluto.

Did they or didn't they ?  I'm not sure anyone knows.

I could go way off course and start to talk about the fact that I don't think he and Olive Oyl were married, yet somehow there was this kid - so out of wedlock?  fostered?  adopted?  All very progressive for a cartoon of the....30's(?).

.....and now back on course.

From Cowboy Junkies to Sister of Mercy.  THAT is quite a segue, no?  Well, welcome to my life, such as it is.

There actually is a SoM website, but it is for a convent, so.................there's that.

I had no affinity for the band back in the day (1988?), but liked the song "This Corrosion". It's interesting in its own way. And while Jim Steinman produced it, it's not in the vein of Meatloaf - Tyler - AirSuppy - Celine mode. Yes, the song is over the top in places, but not in the Steinman tried and true method.

To the readers who may or may not click on this - I think you can ALL thank me for not putting on the 9+ minute album version.'re welcome!

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Deedles said...

I clicked, I got to where the vocals began, I unclicked. If I can't understand the words I don't listen (foreign languages excepted). Also, eighties videos make me cringe.
I believe Swee' Pea was somebody's nephew, or niece. I can't remember what gender that creepy critter was. Popeye and Bluto, huh? I can see that. I can see how Popeye would prefer a bear over a swizzle stick. I remember Bluto as Brutus. It wasn't until I saw an old cartoon that I realized he had a name change.