Saturday, March 16, 2019

Alone Together

Saturday.  You know what that means............

Shep, tried creeping into the front seat - where he is not allowed.  Little manipulator. 

Sophie:  creature of comfort. 

It's his eyes that kill me. 

Fawning over Dad #1 - and vice versa

And Shep usually brings a toy - usually Sebastian - up to the bedroom when we get home. 

That new sofa you all said wouldn't be delivered in 1-2 weeks???  Well here it is......5 weeks late.r 
You were all correct. 

Song by: Fall Out Boy


Raybeard said...

All v.good - last one a perfect literal illustration of 'creature comforts'.

anne marie in philly said...

well, the furkids have made the new sofa their own. and shep is exposing himself to the world again.

Bob said...

hep in the car. Give him an inch and he'll be out driving the neighborhood while you sleep.
And you're right ... that eye!

Deedles said...

My favorite pix are always the selfies of you and Shep.