Saturday, March 02, 2019

the Gift

It has been a cold week. A cold month. Normally there are breaks in Winter - not in 2019 there haven't been. Not really.

Compared to last Winter, this one is a breeze, but dog walks at a non-JP hour have been short, but not sweet. And now the coyotes are out, so, it's dark, cold and dangerous.  Trifecta.

I still managed a few pics this week though.

Shep was not amused. 

Our neighbor gave Shep his xmas present - 2 months late. 
He's lookin' at you, lookin' at him and he's gonna protect that Santa Penguin.  

Soph and the Radiator. 
The cold just won't let up at all. She knows how to keep warm. 

My boy in my hometown. 
I frickin' love his paws. 

It was a short and sweet week in terms of pics, but I liked them.

Song by: Annie Lennox


Harry Hamid said...

February Christmas gifts are the best. What a nice surprise.

Bob said...

The babushka!

anne marie in philly said...

if looks could kill in the first pix..."daddy, stop it, I look stupid! I'm gonna git you, sucka!"

shep is posing for playdog in the second pix, yes?

Deedles said...

Shep may not be amused, but I certainly am! He's looking more and more like you everyday.
@Anne Marie- Playdog? Too funny!