Monday, March 18, 2019

My Music Monday

Today I'm going with the Cowboy Junkies' "I Don't Get It" from their incredible second album, Trinity Sessions, from 31 years ago. 

How did that disk become that old?  How did I?

The disk was recorded live (but not in one day) with one microphone, no overdubs, edits of mixes.

Most of the material is original, though they throw in a few covers and one standard that they add to. The disk sounds dark to me, but that might be my whole perception of being recorded in a Toronto church.

I'm not a big harmonica fan, as it is usually used badly. "I Don't Get It" avoids that norm.  This selection isn't going to sway anyone from the thought of me having a baffling taste in music. I'm good with that.


Stash said...

I have CJ's first album...and that's it. Wow, I am old, aren't I?

Nice to see that you're still blogging.


DCAja said...

it's a nice post!