Friday, March 22, 2019


After 30+ years, I fear my relationship with my longtime friends is nearing an end.

They barely reacted to the below clip I sent their way - and when / if they reacted at all, it was far far too late after sending it, and I still had to prompt.

Apparently they have matured past me, or my sense of humour is far surpassing what they can process. I'm hoping for the latter.  Swifty was right (as always). A hater's gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

Seriously though:  this is kind of mesmerizing and yet still very fucked up.  Steve Buscemi's face CGI'd over Jennifer Lawrence's.

It's like that car wreck you happen witness on the highway. You shouldn't look, yet just cannot look away. Whomever pulled this off did it flawlessly. Maybe too much so.

....and you must hit 'play' and with sound.

....and for good measure, I put the original footage side by side.

 Song by: twenty one pilots 


anne marie in philly said...

I'd like to see the real steve dressed like that! oh the pain (to quote spo). guess your friends don't have a sense of humor; pity.

Bob said...

She looks like a far more interesting actress as a Bescemi!

Deedles said...

Oh this is just so wrong! I LOVE IT! Steve Buscemi has never looked better. I also agree with Bob.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

This is hysterical!
And you know now that we cannot even believe our eyes, right?

rebecca said...

I felt like I was missing something!

rebecca said...

And we matured past you ages ago