Friday, March 29, 2019


How unpopular must Betsy DeVos and her decision making be if BLOTUS is overriding her bad choices?

This question is actually not rhetorical.

I mean, this is a guy who has made a lifetime of bad decisions and then would double down defending each and every one.

For the record, when anthropologists scour this blog in the centuries to come trying to find where it all went wrong, I refer to DeVos raping the education budget to defund - or attempt to - Special Olympics.

BLOTUS actually overruled her - or overruled a decision he told her to make, trying to make him look good.

I have to believe there are two possible scenarios with this reversal:

1.  Test Balloon
As the morals and resolve of this country continue to deteriorate, BLOTUS & Co are seeing what they can actually get away with. They're not even going by small increments anymore. He might have tipped his hand.  Might.

2. Couldn't Defund Due to Personal Reasons
Due to at least three of his kids being 'tards.

Let's face it, Eric's brain isn't fully formed. You know he just drools all the time.  And Baron - well.....that kid has 'special needs' written all over him.  Spare me the "oh, don't go after an innocent kid".  Fuck that. The family lost that privilege when they locked up kids in cages.

Oh. And Tiffany. I think the less said about her the better.

They need some outdoor time and to run around. Once a year they probably get it participating in the Special Olympics.

Deep down, I'd like to think BLOTUS was shamed into changing "Devos' decision", but I'm pretty sure he's a man with no shame and public opinion is not going to sway that shit.

And as always - never ever ever ever rule out:  this was a distraction.  Probably from the Mueller report, but could be something else they're doing that's evil.  I'll rephrase:  they are doing something evil - we're just not sure what at this point, as it is continual and ever changing.

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Travel said...

After spending most of the week defending the cut, after being "overruled" she admitted she hadn't noticed the cut until the shit hit the fan. She didn't pay any attention when her budget recommendation was sent to the WH.

Deedles said...