Monday, March 11, 2019

My Music Monday

I swear for April I will have a theme for my music selections. I swear it can be as difficult as it is easy, but lately and for too long, I've just been doing iTunes Roulette. I am today.

The Bangles.

Or what I called the Bangles.

When bassist Michael Steel left the band in 2005, I was kind of done with them. And by "kind of", I mean, I was.  The band as a trio were just horrible. Their one true album post Steele is unlistenable.  .....and that's saying something.

I always felt Steele was short changed in the band when it came to exposure on albums. Her songs were more originally written and constructed than the rest of the writers, and her voice was more unique as well.  My opinion, of course.

With the six or seven songs Steele had over three albums (one album she was represented with zero songs), "Song for a Good Son", which was on the last Bangles disk on which she appeared - Doll Revolution.

Baffled or not - this is one of the things to which I listen.

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