Friday, July 27, 2018

Just Like Heaven

I'll be the first to admit, for someone so cynical, how I can be so easily baffled by some people's thinking ?

710 had the nerve - the nerve!, I tellz ya - to read me snippets of a Washington Post article on BLOTUS voters regarding g-d, BLOTUS and the meaning of morality.

The fact that I could stay on the road is testament to what a great individual I am.

All I can say is: if you're not a Post subscriber, please do so. They are better than the NYT for covering this administration.  And please do so you can read the above hyperlinked article.  It. Is. So. Fucked. Up.

How the reporter did it with out busting a gut or saying to their subjects: "are you FUCKING kidding me?" is beyond imagination.

Just regarding heaven alone:

“Most say it’s gonna be 15,000 miles wide and that high,” Jewell said. “We don’t know whether when it comes down how far it will come, if it’s gonna come all the way or if there will be stairs. We don’t know that. But it’s gonna be suitable to each person. You know that old song, ‘Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of Gloryland?’ See, that’s not right. It’s not gonna be you have a cabin over here and I have one over there. It’s gonna be suitable to each person. So, whatever makes me happy. I like birds. So outside my window, there will be birds.”

Who are these 'most'?   I have never heard the dimensions of heaven.

They know 'this', but don't believe in science. Or facts.   ....and you know what, I do NOT know that 'old song'.

The discussion on BLOTUS and his morality - and these folks' ever changing view of morality, when it suits them - is just stomach churning.

But folks - THIS is what we are up against. There is no logic involved here. None. We are not going to win on that front, so it has to be some other fucked up method, though I don't know what it will be.

Honestly, if you can get through this article, you should. You won't be glad you did.

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Travel said...

These people are out there among us, maybe even in our own families, scary. "Families values voters" supporting a guy who pays off porn stars to be quiet about affairs.