Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Two chew toys so disgusting I refused to get them last summer whilst in Maine for even Shep to tear apart upon our return.

I have nothing I could possibly add to the debacle that is BLOTUS and his Helsinki trip.  I see headlines of course, but I haven't had the stomach to read his partial, pseudo, faux retraction.   .....if you can call it that.

I do love how everyone is clutching the pearls, as if they expected something different.

Everything this "man" has done for 18 months is provide his support to the Supreme Leader.  I'm not sure why,  but I'm sure it's not over a golden shower video. 

My lord, the "man" has done so much worse that his blind followers have been ok with - and yes, I'm talking to you Franklin Graham. Melanoma might not like it, but I think he'll be ok if she moves on.

GOP leadership (I had to hold back vomit typing those two words) were quick to smack him on the wrist with their pinkies they were so gosh-darn mad!  Rob Portman - that total fuck of a loser, and "my" senator thought the press conference was "troubling".  Way to take a stand Rob.  Even your faggy, cock-gobbling, butt-fucking son has to have more commitment than that.

Yeah. I went there.

So let's see, Ryan said something. Hatch. McCain. McConnell.   Who is not on that list?  Who could it be?  Who in the world could it be?

Oh yeah - the lady in waiting:  Michelle Pence.

I guess it's hard to talk when you have to lips firmly attached to an anus.

That BLOTUS' sycophants didn't stand up and walk out the door to any of this finally means there is no rock bottom for any of them..............and for us.

Of course, even the cynical me ('s true!) figures this entire event is a distraction of something even more heinous.

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anne marie in philly said...

"my" traitor senator toomey also used the "troubling" word. MY senator casey said helsinki was a disgrace.

I wish mueller would hurry up!

Mistress Maddie said...

"this entire event is a distraction of something even more heinous." Im with you on that. I don't think we have yet to see the worst of Trump yet. He's just warming up......