Monday, July 30, 2018

My Music Monday

Right off vacation, I have no plans for a song. All I'm really doing is dreading (kind of) going to work this morning. I considered logging in and getting through my emails before walking in the door, but then said, "fuck it".

For today, you're getting the 10th selection of a rotation from my liberry.

Oddly enough - or not - this song was playing in the car when we dropped Shep off at the boarding place a week and 3 days ago.  "Insects" is an overlooked song from Chris Isaak's last disk, First Comes the Night.

Isaak recorded the album in Nashville with mostly studio session guys, so it's a little more slick than what he usually delivers. That has its pros and cons.

But Isaak is Isaak.  He's good writer, instrumentalist and vocalist, so it all works.

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