Monday, May 05, 2014

My Music Monday

If anyone here knows anything about Jennifer Warnes, chances are it is probably from four things:

Her mid-70's hit, "Right Time of the Night".

Or possibly singing the themes to three Academy Award winning song: "Up Where We Belong" (Officer and a Gentleman), "It Goes Like it Goes" (Norma Rae) or that ung-dly overplayed song from Dirty Dancing - "Up Where We Belong".

I know her from all of that - but that's not why I like her. Or some of her work.

In 1987 I got her disk Famous Blue Raincoat - in where she sings nine songs from legendary songwriter (dubbed that even 28 years ago), Leonard Cohen.  Each one of them a great song - some of them covers, some of them new (like this one).

I've mentioned before that I'm more of a fan of Cohen's writing than voice and I think Warnes does nice interpretations of them. She clearly got Cohen's approval - being his friend and former back-up vocalist, as he sang one song with her, appeared in a video or two of hers and I think co-wrote a new song with her.

There are many songs to pick from, but since I'm in NYC, so why not just go with "First We Take Manhattan".

The song is good. Stevie Ray Vaughn provides the guitar work. The video is typical mid-80's crap, though no one is going to argue that Warnes was a video artist to begin with. And Leonard does make an appearance.

If by chance, you're a fan of process, like I am, there is an article on the making of the song linked here.

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