Thursday, May 15, 2014


Tomorrow is National Bike To Work Day.

I'd love to, but my bike won't go up the stairs to my office. It is more of a walking / climbing commute.

To be fair, even when I was working downtown, I never participated in this event, though I always wanted to.

I could forgo the shower. I mean, if I was in town, I wasn't seen any clients - none of which are in Cleveland.  Only some co-workers might have to smell me. That is, if I ever smelled.

As it turned out, I was rarely in town for this day - always on the road. Actually, it is a full week, but one day is truly designated for the ride.

The one day I was in town for it, there was a deluge. And yes, I get that people on bikes ride in the rain all the time, but I'm not equipped for that - carrying a laptop and such. If I rode to work more often, I'd have the appropriate gear.

My biking is relegated to either neighborhood rides, long tow-paths and yes, the occasional ride downtown, but on the weekends.

Hell, I haven't even pulled my bike out this year yet. I have got to check the tires, gears, brakes and chain before I ever put one foot upon it.

But I encourage others to take their bikes out tomorrow, whether it be to work or for fun.

Like many biking events, including Critical Mass, the organization is fractured. While I linked to some article on Bike to Work Day, there are dozens out there - each for individual cites or areas. I get each city is different, but there should be one hub and some spokes in this endeavour.

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Robert said...

I just pulled out my bike yesterday and dusted it off. I really want to be on it more this year. I'm even thinking about upgrading my hybrid to just a regular rode bike.

Unknown said...

Have you done Critical Mass?

Bob said...

I'd like to do it but Carlos won't let me bike in the house.