Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dog Days Are Over

Petey Porn is a bit sparse this week. He was at the kennel most of the week.  Poor little guy.

But the folks at Pet Lodge USA were kind enough to text pictures, on two of the days he was there, to show us he was doing ok.

The top two are from his stay at his hotel. He had his own flat screen TV, which was allegedly on the Cartoon Network. 

Sophie gave us heck when we returned. She was all alone, except for two visits from the cat-sitter. She was very very happy to see us, and I think even happier to have her brother home as well. 

Song by: Florence and the Machine


anne marie in philly said...

poor sophie! her daddies need to make it up to her this weekend!

Bob said...

I think Sophie needs a trip to NYC!