Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Lady

I've been going on about how much Winter already sucks, and yet it is not even here.

Well, tonight at 23:38 Coordinated Universal Time, that changes. It will have arrived. Joy.

By nature, I suppose, I'm not the most optimistic person in any given group. However, on a day like today, I will channel my father to say, "at least the days start getting longer".

Do not be fooled by this slight change in my behaviour. I can guarantee you that some time in mid-June, the Eeyore in me will say "well, the days start getting shorter now!" Just like my father would.

The actual Solstice is a day on the calendar, but Winter is longer than that, as many of us have experienced these last few weeks. You can call it what you want, but once snow starts flying and sticking, it is Winter.

On this first day of actual Winter, I will be taking my last work trip of 2010. Morgantown, WV. I know, try to not to be too jealous.

Down and back the same day, so it won't be horrible - weather permitting. Then I'm off for 5-6 days. Kind of more actually, since my boss won't be around. My clients won't be around. I will do some work on my non-off days, but I don't foresee me putting in full days.

Tomorrow I go get my head examined. No, not like from a Dr. Spo - though I probably should. (I'm sure many say I as much also.) Nah, this is for the Blobby Stigmata, which of course, has not bled since I blogged about it last week. And it is no longer raised.

Isn't that always the way? I'll go in there and the doc will go, "what?" - and I'll still have to pay for that insightful consult. Well, at least there is still a scab there, so he won't think I'm totally crazy. ....and I'm sure I can find some other malady for him to treat.

If you're (un)lucky, there will be pictures.

Song by: Kate & Anna McGarrigle


Birdie said...

Everybody's talking about days off. I'm putting in 10-hour "part-time" days preparing for a whole new Christmas Eve experience. I get downtime in February!

Yes, you definitely need to get your head checked.

Cubby said...

All that driving just to meet with a few people who would much rather be wasting time with their office buds during these last two weeks of December than meet with you.

Just like you would rather be doing ANYTHING other that driving four hundred miles just to shake a few hands.

Greg and I have been to Morgantown several times, btw. We pass through it when we drive from Dayton to Washington, DC. We came perilously close to wrecking there last January on the snowy interstate just east of there.

cb said...

I know we have just "technically" started winter. And unfortunately Winter has been in full force since November here.

BUT-- for some reason I do take heart that the days ARE getting longer again.

Those few extra minutes of sun in the evening do help.

anne marie in philly said...

morgantown WV is a hole - my ex-husband graduated from WVU.

even if the bumps have disappeared, it's better to get them checked out anyway.

and YAYZ for longer days; I get the SAD without the sunshine.

Ur-spo said...

I would be honored so to examine your head or any part of you that needs care.