Friday, December 24, 2010

Christians and Pagans

Today is the day. Our "holiday".

It is not so much a celebration of any one particular saviour, since, well, I do not believe that. I'm ok with any of the pagan-like traditions.

It's more a gathering of family - and trust me, there are days I do not believe in that as well.

Yesterday my father turned 90. Today my mother turns 82. A few weeks ago we celebrated an uncle's birthday (90 as well) and his brother (also an uncle) is 92. I have almost zero chance of getting out of this life early - unless I opt to stand in front of a bus. Depending on how long I am with my family, it's a distinct possibility.

Anyhoo - our one big day is today. My parents, my sisters (or three quarters of them) and their husbands and spawn will descend upon our house. We provide liquor, mixers, some appetizers and a big space for them to be comfortable in. They'll bring additional food and there will be tons left over.

We no longer attempt a sit-down dinner. First, none of our places has a table for that many folks, the coordination of eating is too complicated and mostly, the kids are too frickin' excited to sit and eat anyways. We find heavy appetizers are just fine for the occasion.

We'll have shrimp and I'm going to attempt a ham and cheese puff pasty thing, so we'll see how that turns out. Also there will be crudite, cheeses (cheeses, not jesus!) and fruit salad. ....and any assortment of desserts. As always, I've made a run to Peterson's Nuts to fill little bowls around the house.

This way, everyone can sit instead of running around trying to make things work. Invariably, someone (my mother) always misses things as she is trying to get food ready and she can't relax on her own birthday. It's the way to go.

As far as the entire holiday has gone, it's been so-so. We never got cards out, or even bought them. Denton's and my gift exchange will be light, I'm sure. I'm happy to spend the actual "holiday" as just the two of us. I have plans to make a spicy tomato soup that I'll share with you as I make it.

Maybe there will be a movie.

But this morning will be some final prep, after the gym, that is. Then it is family family family.

Song by: Dar Williams


SharkBoy said...

Happy Christmas Eve. It's the same for us, big family dinner and gifts on the 24th and just hubby and me on the 25th. Bliss.

Birdie said...

Quiet around here. But last night, as I stuffed 150 baggies with crayons, jingle bells and light sticks, we watched "Christmas Vacation."

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Cubby said...

Merry Xma$$. I'm here in Bay Village sweating it out with the inlaws in their 85 degree house. (gasp). Last night my MIL threw a bag of chocolate chips at me and said, "Guess what you're making tomorrow." Let's see... she's a diabetic and I'm a fat slob, so obviously she wants cookies. Oh well, merry merry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

A Lewis said...

Enjoy the days ahead! Family, fun and food.
And, for the record, you're a fortunate man for having longevity in your family. Not a single man in my family has lived past 75....and most are in their 40-60s. Yikes.

anne marie in philly said...

happy happy xmoose! and please to be sharing the tomato soup recipe with us!

Ur-spo said...

hohoho from me as well
may 2011 be wonderful for you
I am glad you are by blogger buddy.

Erik Rubright said...

Merry Christmas to you! Hopefully you'll have a relaxing, quiet day with your family.