Friday, December 17, 2010

Start a War

I love William-Sonoma.

Sure they have cool cooking stuff and some great knives and such. And yes, it's a good place to kill an hour to decide if you really need that Le Creuset cookware or not. It's almost always a 'no'.

But lo and behold, what have we here? Actual essential cookware items. Must haves, if you will.

I have been so excited, I couldn't even wait for next month's Shopping with Blobby segment. That is how awesome they are.

I don't even like pancakes (you know, because of the IPF), and yet, I am not sure how I have lived, or will ever live, without the Star Wars pancake molds. Pure genius.

Here they are out of the box - it was the display, I swear I didn't open them! - and sitting in a nice skillet that is great for cooking these Millennium Falcon and X-Wing fighter flapjacks.

And let's be honest - you cannot turn your pancakes over without these bad boys! I mean, literally, they were bad boys. Well, until the end of Episode VI, where Lord Vader goes from Sith to Pussy in a matter of minutes. That later Darth would probably flip the pancake before it burned on one side. Wuss.

Of course, if you don't like pancakes, you can always make sugar cookies. William-Sonomoa also sold silver sugar, which would have been wicked cool on the cookies.

I didn't write a letter to Santa this year, but I think one of his elves was in the store and may have seen me ooohing and aaaahing over this. One never knows.

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Anonymous said...

How can they claim to have Star Wars pancake molds and not include C-3PO and R2D2? I'd just love biting off their heads. Maybe this was the spaceship collection and then they'll have a robot collection and then a villain collection.

If you're into Robot Chicken, they're doing Star Wars III (their title not mine) on Sunday at 11.30 pm on Cartoon Network.

Anonymous said...

I bet you are at Tron Legacy and too busy to read a post. They should come with some sort of Shmi Skywalker kitchen apron to match the lovely kitchen accommodations on Tatooine.

cb said...

This just makes me think the only frontier left for Lucas and his merchandising is in the arena of sex toys.

Lightsaber condoms, skywalker lube, a darth maul vibrator (with horns)...