Friday, December 10, 2010

Too Drunk to Fuck

I swear it's been since the night before our wedding since I was tipsy.....or drunk. Damn all that tequila and Prosseco!

I can't say I've been a tea-tottler, but I haven't been, you know.....drunk.

I can't say that any longer. Last night was Cleveland holiday party - albeit, the non-sponsored one. The parent company does not pay for holiday parties, let alone alcohol.

There was a $10 gift exchange (I gave Godiva hot chocolate mix, I got some glass snowman from Pier 1). There was no real food....lots of desserts, but not substantial food. That was unfortunate, since I had cereal, a granola bar and one orange all day long. The alcohol hit hard.

I had fun. I hung mostly with my man-date, Scott. But there were others that we just had fun with. And beer. It was only beer, but enough of it. ...and no food. Bad combo.

Here's how "drunk" I was: dinner was...............wait for it.........Burger King. .....and that's only because there wasn't a White Castle around. Ahhhhh White Castle: sliders and onion chips - the gourmet meal of the soused. ummmm.....I've heard.

It can be amazing how quickly I fall into bad habits. Normally though, I don't bring home cupcakes....which I did. I'm so off to go eat one now, before bedtime.

Surely you know I draft almost all my blog posts a night before - right?

Song by: the Dead Kennedys


Anonymous said...

$10 kind of sucks in terms of budgeting for a gift unless you are at the dollar store. I would have plowed it into a few alcohol absorbing pizzas and gone for a home made craft in honor of the season and the weather. Thinking an Alaska Pipeline in honor of our next wanna be President.

Cubby said...

I carry a camera with me at all times in hopes of stumbling upon a scene like that one. The only thing better would be if someone had de-pants him.

Birdie said...

This is surprisingly coherent for a drunken post. I was looking forward to a rambling narrative. Maybe next time. :D

I was part of an organization that did a similar sort of holiday exchange, and every year people spent money on gifts no one wanted. One fall, I suggested picking a family from the United Christmas Service and providing them with one new gift per person, groceries for two weeks, and gently used winter coats and clothing where possible. The group took to it like gangbusters and continue the tradition years later. You might consider something like it for your organization. It takes planning, but usually there's someone (like me) who will organize the needs, post them for sign-up, collect contributions and deliver the goods prior to Christmas. It's a wonderful experience to see the family's faces as we bring the gifts in.

Ur-spo said...

you wild man you !

cb said...

The last time I "overdrank" as I like to call it, I barfed up everything but my colon.