Friday, November 06, 2009

Writer's Block

One more month. Yes, one more month.

That is what I have left to do a full year of blogging. No days missed - even when I lost access to publishing. It's been hit or miss with my posts - hell, I am posting about fucking clock radios. What have I become?

Will I become a non-daily blogger? Only time will tell. I don't want to stretch posts out where they are so bad, like I feel they've been over the last two months. I'm not horribly inspired, but work's been a bear. But I'm not ready to give this up - not yet.

Back to work stuff: Budget season for 2010. On the plus side, it's almost over. ...until they come back and tell me to cut 10%, which they will do. But my expenses, revenue and capital are done...and it closes and end of day today.

So, I just have to make it until like 17:00 and then it's happy hours. Yes, plural.

Song by: Peter Bjorn & John


Breenlantern said...

you could always post videos of yourself dancing in the shower...he he he.

tornwordo said...

Hang in there, an hour and a kuter to go. Then it's bottoms up!

Birdie said...

Taking requests? Torn has danced for us; how 'bout you? Doesn't even have to be in the shower.

I still enjoy your daily posts every morning. Each one rounds out a picture of who you are.

rebecca said...

That's so exciting! Go Blobby!