Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Night

It was just a whim, but David (my cousin) called and said he was going to be near us and wanted to know if he could stop over. I agreed without actually conferring with Denton. Oops. Doing stuff like that can get me into the dog house.

Later in the day, David called back asking us instead to meet him, and a friend of his, as they were going to be in the Coventry area and if we'd rather just join them for a drink.

Back in the day, Coventry was the Haight-Ashbury of Cleveland. It was quite the place to steal away to when David and I were in our teens. Today, it's just becoming a place for pseudo-brand name establishments. There are some independent bars and restaurants left and that's cool. We went to two of those last night.

One was a bar. And empty empty bar. But the drinks were cheap. We had a few before Phillip, David's friend, needed food. Lightweight.

We went to a good Thai place for food. It was good conversation and as you know, I love David. I am really pleased that Denton liked him as well. And vice versa. Did I mention it was their first meet-up?

But I continue to really really enjoy David's and my time together. Hard to believe we get along so well with such infrequent interaction - previous and current.

Normally Denton and I are kind of low-key guys and when we have weekend plans it is just that, plans. So the calling at 5p to meet up in 90 minutes was a change - but not an unwelcome one. It's ok to shake things up a bit.

So, now it's Sunday and I'm up late due to staying out and drinking a little later than normal. I think I'll work out, but I know I'll skip Spin.

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Larry Ohio said...

Is Tommy's still on Conventry? Greg and I used to spend time on Coventry when we lived there in the 90s. Even then, the neighborhood was changing and the corporate establishments were moving in. But Tommy's was an independent establishment with fantastic food. We didn't do much drinking there though. We went down to the East Bank for that. Too bad it's now all dried up :-(

tornwordo said...

Blog seems to be fixed now.

I'm a cranky old guy. For me spontaneous means give me at least 24 hours notice. 90 minute notice would make me cranky and resentful and likely have me saying, "No."

A Lewis said...

Lightweight? YOu say Lightweight like it's a bad thing. So, you wouldn't like me very much....cause I am one. Well, unless you're into taking advantage of them.....

Birdie said...

Another empty bar? You sure can pick 'em, party boy. (Actually, I didn't notice ours was empty until you said something. Too much fun talking to you!)

Sometimes you just click, like you and David. Don't question it, just enjoy it as much as possible.

Blobby said...

It was OSU-Michigan game...or shortly after. I thought for sure the bars would be packed. How was I to know???

I say "lightweight" b/c I'm a functioning alcoholic.