Friday, November 27, 2009

Turning Up the Heat

Yes, I am s0-so (at best) when it comes to T-giving dinner and its food. But you know what is so much better than eating it? Making it.

I do love cooking, which with its would-be mess, is a very relaxing and ultimately satisfying thing to do. Denton won't get me cooking classes with Chef Bob because he thinks I'd be spending money just to hang and laugh with him. In reality, he probably thinks I'd run away with him. He's probably right. On all counts.

Anyway....I digress.......

So, as I said yesterday, the plan was for me to make dessert and stuffing for dinner at my parent's house. And that's just what I did - with a little thanks and help from Ina Garten. I basically just used two of her recipes, but at least it wasn't store bought. And it allowed me to use the new Kitchen Aid mixer we bought a few weeks back (thank you Blood Bath & Beyond 20% coupon and additional Kitchen Aid $30 rebate! I wouldn't have purchased you any other way!)

The Contessa makes an orange pound cake mix, but I thought it would be much more gratifying to do it ourselves. Yes, we did it together. Some of it. Majority of it was me, but it was my idea.

Fresh orange zest and squeezed juice do make the difference - I'm assuming. I've never made the mix. I'm not sure they could have turned out much better, though the bottoms got a little too done.

You can find the recipe here.

It was a process, as you can see just from the ingredients above, and you don't even see the six oranges I had to zest and then squeeze. Oh - and here's a tip.....if you have a few paper cuts on your hand and squeezing citrus with your bare hands? ummm......ouch!

But they came out really really good. Everyone seemed to like them

The stuffing was actually easy, except when figuring out how much 16 cups of cubed bread actually is. But the apples, onion, butter and sausage cooked up nicely. We just don't have one bowl big enough to hold it all and mix it - so we did it in two batches. But at least I now have a holiday gift idea for Denton. Oh - and you can find the recipe here.

It looked great and it tasted ok. It may have been a little too sausage heavy, but for the most part it went over well. I'm not sure it will be a holiday tradition, but it beat the normal boring stuffing we normally have.

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anne marie in philly said...

the cake looks yummy; will give it a try!

Morty said...

Yum! Love the new mixer.

DrRuss said...

when I grow up, I want a stand mixer just like yours.