Monday, November 16, 2009

Dance This Mess Around

OMG - it's my second video. Two in one full week. And yes, it's a dance one. Again. Two for two.

I think I can almost promise it is my last dance one, at least for a while. I had no intention on doing, let alone posting, another dance video, but then there I was, sitting at the counter at Schwabs having my ice cream soda, when I finally got my big break! (ok that might be a reference for the older crowd........Jon).

Really, it was a personal email from the one and only brettcajun. When Brett specifically requests, there really is only one answer - right? (he should put that previous sentence and keep it in his back pocket for later.....). Yeah, it's a bit of a man-crush. Sue me.

I mean, c'mon - it's like being asked to sit at the cool kid's table at lunch. I was never ever ever invited there or even dared to venture over in that direction. So I was intrigued, to say the least.

I will go on record as saying I wasn't happy happy about accepting - mostly because I know I'm a dork at dancing (as you've seen), but I'd be afraid of never being asked again, so I took the Jiggy Dance WhoreOff III challenge.

I haven't really seen I or II, so I made my video blindly and I'm hoping it helped not silo me by what others have done in the past. I also didn't have a lot of time to get a concept or execute the video: four days from invite to posting.

Yes, the mess dancing around, is me. Apparently, I am some Limburger - which is why you won't dance with me. But I threw caution to the wind and went for it, using video techniques that were abandoned by 1986. However, they hide a plethora of sins and inexperience in editing (and shooting and well.....dancing).

The hardest part? Uploading to YouTube. Apparently using anything from the Warner Music Group set up an immediate block on go-live. The music you hear (or will be hearing) is from Panic! at the Disco. I contested copywrite issues and at least have a temporary reprieve. We'll see how long that lasts or how long the video stays up.

It's kind of a joke in a way (yes, I'm tempting fate here), since Panic! only had two disks before disbanding. They kind of should be happy anyone is using their songs for anything. But there probably is that whole payment thing - and they probably could use the cash.

But I do like the song I picked and it wasn't the obvious choice (I'm hoping). I mean who, but me, chooses a song called "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage"? Who?

For the record, I'm more Jiggy, then Whorey (not that I'm passing judgement........Kelly!). But just by a smidge.

Apparently there are other contestants, though what you win is unclear to me. But I'm a competitive guy - more than I care to admit, but less so than a certain Louisiana tennis player we know of. So it would be kind of fun to win this out from under him.

There are five entrants, including moi. It could be argued that none of us truly dance, but I think I might be doing it more than the others. However, I didn't get specific ground rules on what we were supposed to - and supposed not to - do. Granted, you get to see Kelly in a harness and his bare ass, but is it art?

You know what to do - vote for me. Vote early. Vote often. (ok ok, I think you can only vote once.) But I'm woefully behind in this contest. How can this be? Please note that competitive comment a little bit up on the text.

So without further ado - here I am, contestant in Jiggy Dance WhoreOff. III.

Song by: the B-52's


Curtis said...

Nice special effects! MTV, here you come!

tornwordo said...

The really amazing thing is that you're all grown men. Kudos to your shamelessness : )

Blobby said...

Shameless? Yes Grown? Hardly

Birdie said...

You are my new hero. Smile, dammit.

Morty said...

Awesome! I must admit I was expecting more whorey, knowing you and all.

Love the homage to Corey Hart's nocturnal spectacles.

cb said...

You will win next time-- and there will BE a next time, because you are now in the jiggy whore loop.

And next time, be simpler and whorier! And have your partner participate (hold the camera, Wear a caftan, etc). Evidently that is a winning formula.

A Lewis said...

Yes, baby doll, we've all seen all of these whorish dances by all of you boys itching to show it off. Best of luck........

Geoff said...

Fantastic job! And down right sexy to boot! Well done!

Kris said...

I kept waiting for the "cartoon" version of you to pull the real you into the video, a la Ah Ha.

Blobby said...

I feel the need to address some of these:

I thought of the a-ha effect. I opted not to do it. The only thing missing from the MTV era was thrown water and breaking glass.

I am NOT more whorey. It's more slutty....but rarely more whorey. And I'll take the Corey Hart thing as a compliment.

It was fun, but don't know if I can pull this off again - caftan or not.

David G said...

Get yourself a pole Blobby. There's money to be made!

Curtis said...

CB is just jealous. Yours was the best and I'm sticking to that.

rebecca said...

OMG where was DENTON? I wonder what my mom will say when she sees this. She clicks on anything that says "whore"! Nice Warhol effect. Next time be drunker!

Blobby said...


Hon, I was stone-cold sober.

But your point is WELL taken.