Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Charm Alarm

I know it sounds weird, but I just got my first new alarm clock in 28 years.

My old one was from Radio Shack. The Shack - as I think they're trying to brand it now.

It still works. It's functional anyway. No one besides me can probably operate it. It has about 10 buttons and you have not know how those work in the dark. Wanna use the Snooze Button - well, you have to know how to hit it jusssssst right.

But the real reason I got a new one was - ta da - the gym. Every other day I have to change the alarm time to get up at 4:50a, so I can be out of the house 10 minutes later. On the alternating days I'm up an hour later. It's just a pain to keep resetting the alarm.

Mr. New Alarm Clock (yes, it's a mister!) has two, count 'em, two alarm settings and all I have to do is flip it from A to B.....or B to A, depending on the day.

Of course, the real joke is: I am up hours before the alarm ever goes off. I think I can count the number of times on one hand when I've slept to my alarm - and never through it.

However, it is security for me - that I will get up. And it was $15. If I spend that once every 28 years - I'm golden.

Song by: Deborah Harry


A Lewis said...

Oh yeah, just wait until the day you get them mixed up......oh boy! I've done that once in my life.....thank god, I have a battery back-up clock there too which woke me up.

Jonny said...

Golly gee willikers! Before you know it, we'll be listening to music out of little doo-hickies you clip on your clothes!

Jonny said...

By the way, I like the Charm Alarm title! One of my fave songs off her new(ish) album.

Blobby said...

Yes, I COULD have bought a fancy-schmancy radio/mp3/iPod/CD playing alarm clock, I really saw now need for it.

It's all I can do to wake up to 'The World' on NPR.

rebecca said...

Why aren't you just using your iphone?????