Monday, November 30, 2009

I Love Music

Saturday night we met our friends Christine & Bryant for dinner. I've seen Christine a few times in the last year, but not often - and it has maybe been two plus years since we've seen her husband.

The company was good, the food was good, the service was........ok. I cringed when the lispy / fey server would come over and ask us something. Yes, I should embrace our brethren, but truth be told, way way fey just makes me way way uncomfortable. Of course the end of the meal is always the worst when he used 'dessert' and 'espresso' in the same sentence.

His demeanor was not why I say the service was "ok". That is mostly due to him being completely inattentive.

Not that we didn't have enough to discuss: work, kids (theirs, not ours - obviously), family, old friends, etc - but we kept coming back to the music the restaurant played. It was as diverse as their wait-staff. Umm...wait, that probably isn't accurate, but I'll give you a small sampling - as we were there for 3.5 hours - in no particular order:

the Carpenters
.38 Special
Rufus Wainright
Heart (x2)
Michael Jackson (x2)
Julie London
Stevie Wonder
KC & the Sunshine Band
the opening number from Rocky Horror Picture Show !!!! (I know, right???)
Bill Withers (and it wasn't "Ain't No Sunshine")
the Arcade Fire
Diana Krall
Dixie Chicks
the Pretenders

No - I don't own any Stevie Wonder or KC................. or .38 Special (I thought I'd leave you hanging a few on that one), but the rest could have easily come from my music catalogue.

Bryant pointed out that when you trekked back to the restroom, you could hear blaring rap music from the kitchen. So they really were all over the place.

I'd kind of like to meet whomever does their playlist and shake their hand. ...and you know damn well, it was probably our server.

Song by: the O'Jays


Birdie said...

I can appreciate that you recognized the artists, but that you can remember that list is really impressive. Only five from that list are on my iPod: Carpenters, Wainwright, Wonder, Withers and Arcade Fire.

Blobby said...

I saw your comment earlier today - and to be honest, I thought for sure one of my old-timey friends would comment about my memory skills.

They are freaky - at best.

Dith said...

We're used to it. No need to comment, aside from the fact that I think you just called me old.