Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Site of the Month

It's just a silly little site, but it's kind of fun: Steak House or Gay Bar?

It is really as simple as it sounds. The site gives you the name of an establishment and you have to guess if it is a gay bar or a steak house. It's that easy.

Or is it?????

You could play the odds, like I did, and assume that the Silver Slipper is a gay bar. Hell, I would have assumed it was a drag bar. 67% of all responders guessed that it was a place for homos to gather and drink....and possibly dance. I'm back-storying, of course. We were wrong.

It's a time killer. Probably better after you hoisted a few and were sitting around with some good friends who had as much to drink as you have.

But you're sitting there, right now - in your office or at home doing this by yourself.

Sad Sad Sad.


tornwordo said...

I suck at that game!

Birdie said...

Hey! I like the little world I've created. Beside, I've already played this game—badly.