Thursday, November 05, 2009

Strangers When We Meet

So last night I did something new and different.

I met my first blogger. Wait - let me take that out a bit. I met the first person (save Kris and Becca) who I've linked to on my blog.

Sorry Brett - you're still at the top of my short list though. Promise.

No, I met Birdie for a drink. Well, a drink for her, two for me. I mean, I Her blog info says she's ISTJ, but she's not an I....more like an E. Definitely an E.

I cannot speak for her, but I thought we got along famously. It was fun and the conversation was easy. She was in town for a few days, but this was my only free evening. I picked a nice, but clearly dead place to meet: One Walnut. The four staff members out numbered the customers.

The one we actually asked to do something out of her job description (pouring wine), well, she kind of eff'ed it up.

(small update:  I had to repopulate a pic and no longer had my original. This is Birdie's shot - not mine.)

Granted the iPhone does not have a focus feature, but this is just bad. I have no issues of posting the pic without specifically asking Birdie's permission since no one could pick either of us out of a line-up with this photo.

So it's a first for me - the meet and greet. And it went well. Yes, my first, but I think Birdie said it was her 13th blogger meet-up. She's been around. No - not that way. Sheesh.

Song by: the Smithereens


tornwordo said...

She sure does get around. I would have guessed E as well.

Jonny said...

The picture is ALWAYS look that way to me.

Larry Ohio said...

It's really cool you and Birdie met, but I wanted to be the one to take your blogger virginity. Greg and I have been in Cleveland all week. Rats. Maybe next time.

Seeing any of our old Cleveland friends is close to impossible. Greg's mother lays a HUGE guilt trip on us about staying here at her house then going out to see friends. Ugh.

Hope you two had great fun.

A Lewis said...

birdie! YOU MET BIRDIE??!! Oh yeah, that's just great....make us all jealous.

Birdie said...

I finally found WiFi: at the Museum of Art! I'm at the cafe so I can post about our visit.

It was great fun seeing you. I had to stick to one drink, because 1.) I'm a lightweight drinker and 2.) I was driving at night in a strange city, going who-knows-where to find my abode. Besides, if I'd had more you wouldn't have been nearly as impressed. Trust me on that.

And yeah, I'm definitely an "I" on the Myer-Briggs scale. I did have little liquid courage, but I was so excited about seeing you that I forgot to be shy. You made it easy.

There are a lot more bloggers on my list, but I am so glad I got to meet you!

And if you jump to my post, y'all can see proof that, in spite of evidence on his own blog, Blobby can smile.

Dith said...

Blobby had a date with a girl!

I enjoy Birdie's blog, so I'm a little jealous of both of you.

Java said...

I'm here from Birdie's blog, checking you out per her recommendation. Isn't she charming? I had the good fortune to meet her last year.

Blobby said...

Yes Dith - I had a date with a girl. A real one.

Yes Jon - I always look like that to you, but you're usually DRUNK!

Birdie - glad you found wifi. glad you made to the museum. Hope you liked it. It's really a great space though it's not all open yet.