Monday, November 02, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Earlier in September and October, I wasn't sure we'd have an autumn. It was colder than normal and a lot wetter too. But lately we have had some really nice weather. Well.....on and off. But such is the weather.

Last week, we cleaned up the first of the fallen leaves. Unfortunately, only about 15% had dropped from the trees. My estimate, clearly. Nothing official.

One week later, we're down to 80% gone.

...and I'm 100% uninterested in cleaning them up.

Unfortunately, this is just part of our yard. It's not the front or the back yard, so imagine how many more of these are strewn around the other sides of the house. Bother!

We're going to be totally lazy about the entire thing: we're contracting out. Seriously.

The city comes by about three times a year now (it used to be six, before budget cuts) to pick them up from curbside. We've already missed one pick-up and I am not in the mood to coordinate the other two. So we've contacted a guy who'll make handy-work of the crap on the ground in about two hours.

Problem solved. a cost, but solved, none-the-less.

Song by: Paula Cole


Birdie said...

We have slave labor for that. If we use the mower at a slow speed, it will mulch the leaves enough that we don't have to rake most of them. But every year, the neighbor's tree with leaves the size of dinner plates is the last tree to let go. And of course they get blown into our yard. This is a job I would love to forego.

A Lewis said...

holy smokes! no thanks....I'm with you on the leaf patrol lack of interest party. let's go to Denny's for a Grand Slam instead.

Jonny said...

We have cutie-pie Tim, our gardener, do the leaf thing too. I'll scoop up some for the composte bin, but Tim hauls off the rest.

Larry Ohio said...

Greg and I did his parent's leaves in Bay Village (Cleveland) today. They got a double lot and zillions of trees. Ugh. We built a mountain range of leaves up at the curb. Hope they come suck them soon.