Thursday, November 12, 2009


So Monday I went to noon-time yoga. I sneak away from work to go. I can't help the guilt of leaving during the middle of the day, but the other four days I always eat at my desk and work through lunch. I also put in 11-12 hour days. Is going across the street for an hour a week such an awful thing?'s more like 90 minutes with walking over, changing, yoga, changing back into a suit and walking back.....but still.

So, I'm checking out of the gym, giving my locker key back and getting my membership card in return - or waiting to, as a woman is ahead of me.

The man behind the desk gives her a card of a male member. The exchange goes something exactly like this:

Her: This is man's card
Him: Oh, sorry
Her: I'm not a man. Unless you think I'm pre-op.
then turning to me: Sorry.

At first I smiled, then thought, "whaaaaaaaaaaat?" (you have to say it like Stewie Griffin.)

I'm sure the apology was because she thought she was inappropriate with an unknown crowd. Or she thought maybe I was pre or post-op.

That I gave it any thought at all seems like a waste of my time.

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Larry Ohio said...

I'm not sure Blobby, but are you asking us to vote on whether you look like you are pre-op or post-op? I've been thinking about that very question several times a day for the last six months I've been reading you.

I'm not going to publicly state my opinion. It would be too embarrassing if I got it wrong. But please extend my compliments to your medical team. Well done!

I'm kidding!

Birdie said...

I've been called "sir" three times. And, no, it wasn't Halloween. Who are these people?!

A Lewis said...

I think it was the suit that threw her off.

David G said...

I would still read Blobbie's Blog!