Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mr. Right

I so wish I could take credit for any of this, but I cannot. The Onion made the video, and Morty directed it my way. I'm just the vessel to share it with you.

Becky's response to it was priceless: Hilarious...but who's Glen(n) Beck?

She doesn't watch much TV. If she knew who he was, 'hilarious' would have been upper-cased.

I do have to mention I ended up sending this link to a long-time friend of mine, Mitch. He is a lawyer by training. He is a staunch republican - and one who campaigned for NJ's Christie. Oh and he is a VP at Fox "News".

Yes, I know....I know, you don't have to say it. I know it. He knows it. He knows I know it.

But believe it or not, sometimes friendships can overcome or overlook these things. Sometimes they have to. Of course, we know enough to steer clear of things to discuss other than the weather (don't bring up climate change!), music and alcohol. Nah - that's not true, we talk about almost everything.

However, I sent him the clip with a note: Being a company man, you MIGHT not find this funny. I kind of hope you smile a little.

He had a nice response of: Oh no - I still have to maintain a sense a humor.

Mitch never said if he liked it or not. I mean, he knows where his bread is buttered and I did send it to his work email. He's smart enough not to say too too much.

Hopefully you'll like it. How could you not?

oh - as for the song/post title, I do not think Mr. Beck is correct.....he is to the Right.

Song by: Garth Brooks


Larry Ohio said...

I LOVE this vid and I love the Onion.

Birdie said...

So timely: a Facebook friend invited me to join some group that admires Glenn Beck. What?! Guess she doesn't know me well enough.

I subscribe to Onion news. I would give a ton of money to get the print version of their response to 9/11. It was poignant and brilliant, with an interview with God. The banner headline: "HOLY FUCKING SHIT."

cb said...

Of COURSE you should be friends with Mitch. I bet he's handsome as hell (it's the name) and hotter than a raku fire in bed!

A Lewis said...

Every time I see someone reading a GB book on the airplane, I try to spill tomato juice or red wine on it.

rebecca said...