Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you'd know that T-giving is one of my least favourite holidays. It just doesn't speak to me. Hopefully one doesn't need, on singular day, to profess thanks for things, people or situations.

It really comes down to the food. And I'm not fan of most of it. Blasphemy, for some, I'm sure. I can handle your condemnation. So put away your voodoo dolls of me.

Yes, they are very autumnal colours in the food, but it's basically monochromatic in taste and looks. Since no one is making me anything special (mom !!!), I'll eat what I need to, so that I may sustain life. That usually ends up being broiled turkey skin and stuffing. And dessert.

....but not pumpkin pie. Is is just me, or it visually just as unappealing as it tastes? Trust me, I know I'm in the minority on this one, so that question was indeed rhetorical. But my friend Jack, who cooks like no one's business, is no fan of it either. He even sent me an email on why he won't eat pumpkin pie.
It's probably as close as I can imagine as to how they make pumpkin pie filling. ...though I'm sure there is a FoodTV episode of "Unwrapped" dedicated to such nonsense. They'd never show how it was really done (see above), like they'd never truly show how a hamburger was made.

That all being said, my almost 81 year old mother is farming out the cooking duties to her kids - and rightfully so. She shouldn't be doing this. So, I'm in charge of stuffing and one dessert. Two actually. I'll bring pumpkin pie, but won't make it. Both things I'm making are Barefoot Contessa recipes. Maybe it will be my blog entry for tomorrow on how well I did. (psssst....I bought some Stove Top in case I completely fuck up the snazzy version.)

Of course there are many things I am thankful for: a great partner, the bestest of friends, good family - immediate and non, a seemingly loyal blog readership. And the cats. I can't forget them. Lots of other stuff too numerous to mention here.

So enjoy your day - and your meal. ...and your long weekend if you're taking one.

Song by: Tori Amos


anne marie in philly said...

happy thanksgiving, blobby!

I personally like mincemeat pie this time of WHY do I have such a hard time finding it? hot apple dumplings with cream cheese icing are also tasty treats.

as for mealtime food, lasagna on thursday cause I despise turkey and ham. and stuffing. and green bean casserole. and marshmallow topped sweet taters. yeah, I hears ya, picky picky!

Birdie said...

My daughter is bringing two friends to dinner. Two big teenage boys. My husband went out and bought another turkey last night. We can't have Thanksgiving without leftovers!

But we love all the traditional foods of Thanksgiving, even store-bought pumpkin pie (your Torn-worthy picture notwithstanding).

Enjoy the company if you can't enjoy the food! Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Hope yall have a great Turkey Day... just eat, drink and be merry!!!

A Lewis said...

Happy Thanksgiving you turkey!