Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Hurts Me

If only my back and shoulders looked this way. ....if only.

But they don't. Maybe the red part.

While I know the my exercise routine is good for me overall, it has been taking a toll here and there on various body parts. I suppose that is bound to happen, not only with jumping into it, but continuing to add to what I do.

Weeks ago I complained mentioned to you all about a hurt left shoulder, which is why I supplemented my weight routine with yoga a few times a week. Eventually my shoulder got better and I thought I was in the free and clear.

Silly silly me.

Then it went to an issue with the left palm of my hand. I attributed it spinning and how hard I pressed on the handle bar. I'd done it before in real biking - so I just broke out my biking gloves and used those in class. Yes, I was the only one who wore them and yes, I looked stupid....but you gotta do what you gotta do.

That pain didn't go away so easily. And it became more aggravated when lifting. Honestly, it felt like a shard of glass going into my palm. I eventually cut down on some of my lifting and/or the amount of weight I would lift. ...and as luck would have it, I sat next to an physical therapist at a meeting last week and he gave me some advice.

Oh - and somewhere in all of this, between spinning a few times a week and having to sit on a block in yoga, I really hurt my tail bone. I would literally wince anytime I thought about sitting down - for work, for car, but especially for spin or sit ups. The pain was excruciating. But one cannot stop sitting so I just worked with it. I did have to skip one yoga class because the thought of being on that block was too much.

And yes, when stuff started all feeling better, I ended up putting all that weight back into my routine - which is where I now have an aching back and yes, my left shoulder is sore yet again.

I am just venting here. I know this. I don't want to stop my routine and feel I have a good thing going over all. It is just my age - I know this. Men of a certain age can only do so much so often. I'm not built for this - though I'm trying to get there. I think I will, but the reality is, I'm old(er).

You know those disclaimers on if you start a new exercise routine to consult your doctor? I didn't. Does anyone?

Maybe I should have. But at this point, I'll just put those co-pays into PT.

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Morty said...

You may not want to hold onto an expectation that you'll get to some nirvana-ish state where you'll be able to exercise and not get injured. It's all part of the game, unfortunately.

cb said...

Ok grandpa. Time to go fore tone rather than bulk. Lighter weights more reps.

Having big muscles is great- until you can't even Jack off because you are so sore.

A Lewis said...

Listen here pops, you sound like me. A little here, a bit there. DEFINITELY do not do anything that causes physical pain...stop stop stop. Tension and pressure in a good way are one thing....pain is not right and should not be done. I've had to completely rethink the way I do my yoga...my wrists were killing me....along with my low back. I say a week or two off COMPLETELY may be in order. Hit the internet for suggestions on new ways of doing each of those things....it was helpful for me. And, hey, if that doesn't work, then we'll just retire and start meeting for cheap coffee down at the diner each morning.