Sunday, June 14, 2009

Andy, You're a Star

This was to be titled "Joy Ride" which still would have been a Killer's song, but this title works too.

I've made no secrets about my OCD, (except what my actual tics might be) but as I sat in my third spinning class in four days (shut up, I know!), it became clear to me that this isn't obsessive or compulsive. It's addiction.

Back in the day, I took an MMPI that told me I had addictive behaviours. I was young enough then that I might not have picked that out had I not heard it from a trained professional. I've kept it in the back of my head since then - during many destructive phases.

But there are worse things than being addicted to exercise, I guess. Alcohol, Sex, Gambling, Narcotics, Cutting. I find addicts to be weak-minded. Of course, I guess that's what makes them addicts. I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

I had a fairly unhealthy relationship with alcohol, but could I quit anytime I wanted? Yes. Yes I could. And I didn't need a higher power to do it.

Ok - I didn't quit. But I quit drinking and getting drunk 4-5 nights per week - a habit that lasted almost a decade. ....and for the record, I would never cut myself. Ouchy. Maybe that's where people get their narc habits, to ease the pain from all their cutting.

So yesterday was the best Spin class so far. Each time there have been different instructors. Each has a different style. The instructor yesterday, Andy, had the best style....and the most engaging.

Oh, and he's hot. (in a nerdish glasses-wearing dentist with a hot body, kind of way.)

It turns out Andy, not Virgil, is the dentist. Now, I think dentists have sadistic tendencies. Couple that with him being a Spin instructor, what did I think I was getting into? There was no mercy. But it's probably what I need - someone to kick my ass. Figuratively, people. Figuratively. ....and he did.

I've blogged before about the amount of gay dentists there seem to be, and I think Andy is on that list. Just like Morty predicted. Though the dance remix of "Holding Out for a Hero" might have been a dead giveaway on its own. Still, his music choices were slightly straighter than Virgil's. All I'll say is Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" was one of his song selections.

Whereas I said in the first Spin post that I liked, but not loved, the class - I am liking it more. I can see me skipping Virgil's class as he wasn't that enthused nor did he get others jazzed either. And you kind of need that. Or I do.

Oh - and what is with the resistance knob on the bikes? They are like hotel showers. You can turn and turn them and get nothing - and then you get scalded. Or feel like your stuck in molasses. The latter description is for the bike, not the hotel shower.

After class, I hit the weights (after I changed my soaked shirt) and ran into Andy as I was leaving. He asked if I liked the class (oooooh.....he talked to me!) and we just chit-chatted. Yeah, I probably have a guy-crush on him, but it will pass. It is just some transference for my exercise, I'm sure.

Jon posted on FB yesterday: All your posts are the to the to the gym. Is it your substitute for love?

It isn't. It's just all I have got going on in my life right now, besides home and work - and I'm ok with that. For now.

And you know, it's not even addiction. I don't have an addiction. The MMPI said I have addictive 'behaviours'. So I can quit anytime I want to.

But for now, I'll be heading out for Sunday Spin and work out. But I won't be posting it on FB (psssst.....check my Twitter account though!).

Song by: the Killers

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