Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doing What I Can

I know - I know, I'm late posting. What can I say? I have good excuses, of course. I always do.

Let's start with that I hit G2H2 again. It was better than the last few times, but still a very very controlled environment. They actually took over the entire restaurant for it and closed it to the public. Ok. But again, why give the $$$ to the straight establishment - give it to the queer guys if you're just gonna do that.

Denton opted not to go, so I went right after work. Me and one other guy were there in suits. Oh well. I looked good. I hung out with some guy I see at the gym and know peripherally, and his partner. They introduced me to a few guys too. No biggie. I stayed for three drinks and then met the man for dinner....and a bottle of wine. Yikes.

In between I went home and our power was off. We had storms earlier, but I don't think that was it. I do love that in a way. Neighbors are all out yakking since there is nothing to do inside and people are carrying around wine and such. But we were hungee and went for food. And wine.

I was not really thinking ahead here. I had Spin class at 08:30, a bunch of booze in me and no power at home. And it didn't come on until about 02:30. I didn't notice because for all intense purposes, I was down for the count.

Since things were running late this morning, it was all I could do to get my padded shorts on and get down to sit on a bike for an hour. ...and by sit on a bike, I mean be tortured by cute Andy on moving faster and using more resistance. I think I do it for his approval. I found myself wondering if he counts down the way he does when he's about to ejaculate. 10.....5..2.1!!!! One can hope.

So Spin and then my weight routine made me sweat any access alcohol out of my body.

...and that's why I'm late for a post.

Now I'm just waiting for the man to get back from his gym (yes, we go to separate facilities) so we can go to lunch and stop by Pride. Assuming it does not downpour again - for the 14th time today.

Song by: Lindsey Buckingham

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tornwordo said...

Somebody just corrected me on this the other day. It's supposed to be "all intents and purposes". I had said "all intensive purposes" lol.