Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Friends

It's possible I'm a little bit drunk.

Not because I'm still drunk early in the morning. I'm drafting this the evening before you read this. I hope not to be drunk in the morning anymore. I've outgrown that by a decade or so now.

It's been about a month, but I had an evening out with my straight friend, Scott. We just met at a wine bar and we drank. We had a bit to eat, but barely a bit. More like four Maker's Mark and four glasses of wine - him and me respectively.

Maker's Mark to me is a grown-up drink. It's something I could never touch. Wine is good. Beer is good. Clear alcohol is good (vodka. gin.). Brown is like medicine to me. Hate the smell, hate the taste.

I love Scott - in a completely platonic way. We get along great and he likes Denton and I like his wife. My friends would love Scott and his wife too. It's so rare when one doesn't have to explain their jokes.......or their quotes.....or cultural references. Maybe it's an age thing.

We tried to steer away from work talk, but it came up. We tried to nip it in the bud. ...or 'in the butt', as our previous assistant insisted was the phrase. It isn't.

I hurt my tailbone in my workout routine. Either yoga or one of the five spin session in the last eight days. Or a combination of the two. I skipped my first scheduled routine because of it. Yoga. No way to use my sit bones with the pain I'm feeling.

...but four glasses of wine took care of that. Temporarily.

Song by: Amy Winehouse


Blobby said...

...that was the connection I was trying to make, but the bottle of Dr. Zen Zen might have made it hard to formulate last night.

But feeling fine this a.m. Phew!

Birdie said...

Most of my friends are ten years younger because our kids are the same age. (Funny how that works.) But I'm so used to cultural references flying by unnoticed that it's a real treat when someone catches it right away. Like DB Cooper.

rebecca said...

You can keep saying it's platonic, but we none of us believe you.

Anonymous said...

I have many friends like that. Cool huh?

cb said...

C'mon. Be honest. You probably also have a little bit of a spark for the guy.

I mean, we're always friends with people we find attractive in some way or nother.