Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Site of the Month

It's no shock I lean to the more liberal side of politics, so it might be less of a shock to know that I follow Christopher's From the Left.

I follow him on Twitter and read his blog too.

For the most part, he makes rational points for what is going on (and going wrong) in the world - mostly of politics. Though I won't say I agree with him on every point - why should he be different than anyone else I know (or don't know, for that fact)?

He is very hard on Obama - mostly on gay issues. ...and if you've been reading me for the last few weeks, you know where I stand on that, at least for the moment. I just don't get what they think the left guys who are now seemingly against Obama think the alternative is.

McCain/Palin proves how much of a short term memory some people have - not that he's advocating that. I don't mean to put words in his mouth.

Still - it is an interesting site and he doesn't overdo it with dozens of posts per day. It is usually once per day - like mine.

It doesn't hurt that he's handsome (at least via his Twitter pic).

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