Saturday, June 27, 2009

Love for Sale

Ok - I got a weird offer two days ago. No no, not a proposition, per se. Well, certainly not the kind you might be thinking of. Nor the kind I was looking for, either.

It came via email:

We are interested to buy your domain name BLOBBYSBLOG.COM and offer to buy it from you for 80% of the appraised market value.

Who the fuck wants to buy my URL?? ...and better yet, why would I sell it for only 80% of the market value? Should I not be holding out for some kind of real profit?

I threw the offer out to my peeps and got a few responses back. Morty directed me to a wiki page for Mr. Blobby, thinking maybe they are the ones who want it. Mr. Blobby is scary. Scarier than regular old Blobby (me). ....but they have provided my clown reference for the week.

If I'd ever give up my website name, they'd better pony up a butt-load of cash for me to surrender this.

Dith emailed and said: DON'T SELL! YOU CAN'T BUY GENIUS.

First off, = genius? WOW!!! Even I wouldn't be that bold. Secondly, everyone has their price. Including me. But throw me a hard number. Write it on a piece of paper, fold it up - and slide it across the table.

We'll talk.

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tornwordo said...

It does seem strange to offer 80 % of market value. Those deals are reserved for family and the like.