Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Sporting Life

Still catching up on our socialization opportunities for this year, we went out to dinner with our friend Todd (no, not the former porn adult film ingenue, Todd). It was a beautiful night so we went to a local place that had outdoor seating. The temps, the sky and the company were perfect.

...the service, not so much.

Our "server" was an incompetent boob. Let's start out that I can't actually spell out how he mispronounced the word 'noir' as in pinot noir. You'd think if he got any of it wrong it'd be the first part. Let's not start out that as he tried to rattle off the specials that there is probably nothing that is 'vegetable stuffed asparagus'. If they can stuff spears of asparagus, I'd like to see it. I was tempted to order it just to take a look-see. Water was asked for (and ignored) four to five times. Oh - and I got the wrong dish.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), Denton and Todd did not have me pay the bill. A 5% tip would have been generous in my book. I still think they gave him like 18%. I do not reward bad behaviour or service. Had that been my first time there, I never would go back - that's the kind of customer I am. But since normally I really like the place and have frequented them often, I will return - and just avoid "Dan".

...and speaking of Dans, Danny Ferry and his wife sat right next to us during dinner. Mr. Ferry is the current general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers - and a former player for that team. I thought he was attractive then and much more so now. No shock that Todd and Denton had zero idea who he was - but I knew the second he walked up the sidewalk, his almost seven foot frame aside.

We also ran into my friends Ken & Heather, who asked if I had given Danny a hard time (the Cav guy, not the waiter). You see, the Cavs had an incredible season only to lose in the playoffs last week. But I did not give him a hard time.

If I were to give anyone a hard time, I told them, it would have been Mark Shapiro (btw, the hyperlinked picture doesn't do him justice as he's not all that unattractive, just does not photograph well) who had also been at the restaurant before Ken & Heather arrived.

Mr. Shapiro, is the general manager of the Cleveland Indians. Why he was out to dinner, while his team was in Chicago losing yet another game is beyond me. For g-d's sake, he wasn't even watching the game on television.

The Indians, this year, suck beyond belief. It is like pre-1994 Indians, where we would often start and finish in last place. Maybe that's why Mark was not with the team - because they are cutting expenses in having him travel with them. And maybe, just maybe, they'll be cutting his job. (fingers crossed!) least both Todd and Denton knew who Mark Shapiro was, by name and by sight, so they kind of butched it up a bit. Kind of.

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Morty said...

I liked him better in Roxy Music than as a basketball player.