Saturday, June 06, 2009


Kris has a great piece from the other day on her yoga history. And it is possible that 'yogini' isn't a real word. I could be way off base on this - as I still don't know the lingo.

And while I was going to write on yoga for the last few days, she kind of beat me to the punch - but what the hell. I'll still do my thing.

I started yoga a few weeks back to compensate my work-out time due to a bad shoulder. The shoulder is better, but I'm sticking with the yoga too. It's still beginner level and I expect to stay there for a bit which is tough. I'm the kind of guy who wants to jump to the end-result. I want to lift more weights, I want to fix the problem at work that no one has done for three decades. That thought process has usually left me a bit defeated in the long run.

So that I recognize I'm not going anywhere just yet is tough, yet the right thing.

I am no longer the worst one in my twice a week class. And it's not a class class. People come and go with each session. Except for one other guy, I have not seen anyone else as a constant besides myself, and the instructor. Barrie (the instructor) no longer singles me out constantly. Now and again, sure - but she's moved on to others. Score!

But Kris is right - I went into yoga thinking it was about relaxing and such. It's not. It is work. It is about focus and concentration, but it is physical work, make no mistake.

She says she has and likes the oms and the chants and the candles. We have none of that - and for that I am eternally grateful. It is a little too new age-y for me. I'm much more comfortable with the English / bastardized names of the poses we do. I can barely remember those - but them into another language and I'm lost and defeated.

This is why I can't move onto the next level. I'll assume that they assume you know these poses / name and can just get into them without re-describing what they are. I've got a ways to go.

The only one I got down by another name is savasana. ooops... I mean savasana. I won't say it's the best part of yoga, but it is the most relaxing - a total re-centering of yourself at the end of class. And of course, the bonus is I have not drifted off and started snoring.

As for the image and title of this post. It's Madonna - and I have no idea what it means or if it pertains to yoga. It's just the closest music selection I had that might somewhat incorporate into the practice.

The image.....apparently there are hot naked yoga classes. I haven't done hot yoga yet. But naked? I think I'm self-conscious doing yoga now? ...just wait until I drop my shorts! (as if!)

Namsate, indeed!

Song by: Madonna


Birdie said...

David over at Someone In A Tree is an instructor of Hot Nude Yoga. (Don't pay any attention the Content Warning label; some anonymous jerk filed false objections to make that happen.) It's a pretty interesting concept that would NEVER happen in a room filled with women.

cb said...

I think you need more yoga practice before doing naked yoga. You need to learn the poses and how how best to hide a stiffy first.

Kris said...

Yogini = female who practices yoga (yogi = male who practices yoga). Glad you are enjoying it so far!