Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Black Cadillac

I had a pretty crappy day at work yesterday, but ruckiry (not Jon's boss), an old work friend of mine, Kathy, sent me this:

Prom Night in Sugarcreek, OH

If you hadn't guessed, Sugarcreek is a town that has a number of Amish folk. But it just made me laugh and laugh. I needed that.

Also, one of the people who used to work for me dropped me another email that made me really laugh out loud. Maggie's daughter is graduating high school today. But this was part of the email she sent to me: Tomorrow is the actual graduation and I guess that I will have to sit near my ex, his whore wife and his mother, "Mrs Scott".

I was amused that Maggie never called her former mother-in-law 'mom' or by her first name. But I LOVED the 'whore wife' comment.

Maggie is one of the best people I have ever worked with and I miss collaborating with her. Thank g-d for email. Sometimes my friends just help me get through the day.

Song by: Rosanne Cash

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