Friday, June 12, 2009

Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking

I got an email about a potential career opportunity. I will leave the company name out of this post, of course. I'm not going to copy/paste the entire email here, but this is how it started!

Job Description

Wie zoeken we?
Ambitieuze financiƫle experts met minimaal 6-8 jaar werkervaring met financiƫle processen (adviseren, implementeren, optimaliseren). Kennis en affiniteit met de Gezondheidszorg , bijvoorkeur in de Cure en Care Sector. Je hebt bewezen acquisitie ervaring en een aantoonbaar netwerk op bestuurlijk niveau. Je opereert goed in teamverband, kunt zelfstandig projecten leiden en hebt een professionele uitstraling. Eigenschappen als overtuigend, commercieel vaardig en resultaatgerichtheid zijn je op het lijf geschreven.

First, I love how in the intro there as no mention that the job was in the Netherlands. And secondly, that the entire ad was in Dutch....except 'job description'. What's that all about?

Ironically, you can kind of make out what the actual needs of the employer are - and figure out the job description.

Naturally, I emailed it to my peeps and Becky responded with: zabat ist ferked uppa! which I replied, now you just sound like Jar Jar Binks.

...and that just totally skeeved out Jon, which I admit was kind of fun to do. I've known him for almost a quarter of a century and never been able to do that.

I'm not even responding to the email about the job. As much as the Netherlands would be cool, I don't think I'm ready to up and move....or learn a new language.

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Jonny said...

There was one other time....when you showed me that pic of you in drag.
I think I screamed like 50's horror movie actress.
What a skag! (No offense)

Blobby said...


and ROR!!!

No offense taken. Though my sister(s) might be a bit offended.

...and people, it was ONCE. 1993 or 1994. F'ugly doesn't begin to describe it.

rebecca said...

how come i'm not hotlinked?