Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I guess I could have done 'who let the dogs out' - but I don't own that song, nor have I really ever heard the entire thing either. Is there anything else to it but that g-d awful chorus?

I came home from workout Sunday to find this in our yard:

....two big mutts in our yard. Asleep. I'm taking these from about 100 yards away - so they're much bigger up closer. Not that I got that close.

this guy (?) is mostly Mastiff. Big feller - or lady. Especially when he/she stood up.

This one was of an unknown breed. I'd suspect 100% mutt. But it was one mean doggie.

I love dogs. I get in trouble by getting on their level, whether they like it or not. Normally they do, but now and again it comes back to bite me. Literally.

These dogs I knew better than to go, 'oh what a cuuuuuuuuute doggie!!!!!!'.

For the last few years we've had a pack of wild dogs roam the 'hood. Nasty dogs. Ones that kill every living animal they come across - smaller dogs, cats, bunnies and squirrels (say like Veruca Salt). I don't care about the squirrels, except that they leave part of the dead carcass in our yard somewhere.

Two years ago there were four dogs. Last year five. This year looks like two.

But when I got out of the car, they awoke. If you've seen Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - you might remember when Sirius Black showed up early on as a dog, growling and snarling? Remember that?

Sirius was a cute little puppy compared to this black dog. I can deal with barking. The growling and snarling was a bit disconcerting. The charging at me? I did not like one little bit.

I ran like a little girl into the garage and hit the button to shut the door.

All I could think of is that I'd get bitten and have to get the rabies shots, since they'd never catch these dogs.

Two years ago I complained to animal control. They knew all about them but can't do anything about them. They've set traps and can't catch them. Or when you call them, by the time get there the dogs are long gone.

Mr. Mastiff got up and ambled away and the black pooch followed....but not before taking a leak on some of our new plants.

Song by: damien rice


Birdie said...

Two words: pepper spray. I'm glad you're okay.

And if dogs continuously mark their territory on your garden, powdered chilies (not chili powder, which is not hot enough) sprinkled where they sniff is a good deterrent. One snootful and they won't be back, and it does no permanent harm. If it rains you have to apply it again.

tornwordo said...

My mom has a pellet gun which she uses to kill, erm dissuade the rabbits from entering her garden. That'll probably teach the doggies too.