Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It seems we're home to a deer.

Usually I see them travel in twos or threes, so this guy (or gal) is all alone. (S)he sleeps either in front of that stone wall, or sometimes behind for cover, I suppose.

We assume it came from down in the ravine (which is across three lanes of very very busy traffic), where there has to be plenty to eat, but maybe it's not the right stuff.

Apparently what is, is all our new plantings. Hostas, Dogwood blooms, Hydrangeas. It's problematic to say the least. I want him/her to be safe, and it's great we provide that safe haven, but I don't want to feed them our expensive pants either.

Up close(r) he/she is so cute....and really notices our every move - even when we're in the house and well behind glass and closed windows and doors.

We've sprayed stuff on the plants that is deer repellent: Deer B Gone, or something like that. It has garlic and cayenne pepper in it. Other stuff too. We'll see if it keeps (s)him away.

UPDATE: Oh - it is a she. As I sit here and type this, she is out there with a baby standing under her, nursing. The baby is so cute!!! How can I possibly kick this little guy out? Not that I would know how to get rid of them in the first place.

Hopefully they just need a safe haven until junior gets a little bigger and they'll be on their way. Maybe in a week or so?

Song by: the cast of the Sound of Music


tornwordo said...

Wow, don't you live in a city? Also, I hear venison is pretty yummie. Especially the baby. (I kid, I kid.)

rebecca said...

Not the gabardines!! NOOOO!

Jonny said...

Hosta pants sound hotsa!

Birdie said...

We expect photos of Bambi.