Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spinning Wheel

Long time readers might remember me posting about my lack of wearing deodorant/antiperspirant. As weird as it was, only one person commented on it (RJ). Of course the funniest thing about the post was that a few days later, the Cleveland Plain Dealer on-line addition picked-up upon it. (From the media front, I can guarantee no more than 81 people ever saw that blurb.)

Of course, I was taken a little out of context. One of the reasons for not wearing aluminum under my pits was simple. I never really perspired before. Not really. You can go back and read the rationale for my lack of underarm protection if you feel the need.

With my work-out routine earlier in the year, I got to the point I'd break a sweat, but I was never one to stain, let alone soak, my shirt (or anything else).

Spinning has taken care of that. Completely.

If any of you drink (ha!), you'll probably know the term 'breaking the seal'. I can drink a half-dozen beers without peeing, but once I talk to that man about a horse, I'm back having that conversation much much much more often.

Sweating, I find, is like that.

In Spin, I broke the seal. Completely.

But it carries over from spin. Now I sweat completely at workouts and yoga too. I have the soaked shirts to prove it. ...shorts too. But I can sell those on fetish markets for a hefty price.

It has gotten to the point that if I do spin class and work out consecutively, and in that order, I have to bring a change of clothes. No one - and I do mean, no one - wants to follow you on a machine after you've put your sweaty back on the vinyl seats.

Yeah, I look all butch with my 94% wet shirt - and it shows that I have been putting forth the effort, but it's still a bit weird to walk around like that.

And do not suggest sweat wicking clothes. These ARE sweat wicking clothes I'm already wearing. "designed to transport sweat away from your skin" - MY ASS. I mean, they do, but then they trap them in the shirt, which rests against.....oh yeah.....your skin!

So with all of this you'd think I'd be more on-board with the deodorant thing. But so far I am not. So far, a good shower with soap in all the right places keeps me not smelling ripe. At least I'm pretty sure. I don't smell me.

I will keep an eye (and nose) on the situation. I do not want to be the guy I see three times a week rubbing an antiperspirant stick right above the crack of his ass after his shower.

What's that all about?

(above image is not me. I now sweat more than that)

Song by: Blood, SWEAT & Tears

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A Lewis said...

Oh boy. From one non-deodorant wearer (or lack of wearing, perhaps) to another....keep on being a hippie. Like me. I dig men who smell like men.