Friday, June 26, 2009

Death or Glory

Poor poor Farrah Fawcett. Upstaged in death.

Lucky lucky Governor Sanford. Knocked out of the news cycle after just 48 hours.

Clearly I missed part of the news yesterday afternoon as it turns out, because I left work to go to yoga. My yogini (Kris swears that's a real world/title) was happy happy happy to tell everyone who walked into class last evening - "Did you hear Michael Jackson died?"

My first thought was "Oh my!". The immediate second thought was, "who cares?"

Like Grease or E.T., I might be the only person who never owned a copy of Thriller. I didn't care - for it or him. Oh, you might not know - I've never seen Grease or E.T. Yes, I'm the one!

I will cop to liking parts of Off the Wall, but that's about it. I will say that when I saw some of his crap belongings at the Rock and Roll Hall O'Fame I was disgusted. There were shoes on display that said they were designed by Michael Jackson, the King of Pop (and the phrase was copyrighted). I am telling you - they were Bass Weejuns.

By that point, any talent the man displayed had been replaced by freakish behaivour and looks.

Admittedly, in 1984, I purchased a child's watch with the cover of Thriller on it down on Canal St in NYC. It was for a joke - and mainly because I couldn't find a good Menudo one.

Though the strap is broken, I still have that watch. And it still works! (I tried to get a good pic of it this morning but it was a no-go.)

I'm sure there are millions of tributes in blog-land to him. And possibly to Farrah too - but I'm not one of them. I will go off on a tangent, though.

Except for Charlie's Angels, I'm not sure I saw her in anything. Like all those things I listed above - I didn't care to. I wasn't going out of my way - that's for sure. ...oh, and I didn't buy her poster in hopes of concealing my homosexuality. Trust me, I know a few guys who did.

But I certainly had a thing for her then-husband - Lee Majors. I didn't realize it at the time, but what a huge gay-crush I had on him, not just in the Six Million Dollar Man, but he was frickin' hot The Big Valley, as Heath, the bastard son of Victoria Barkley's dead husband. Heady stuff for the '60s. I love how they acknowledged illegitimacy at least in the first episode that introduced him. Granted, it was never discussed again.

I'm not sure she traded-up with that freak, Ryan O'Neal and his family. He was never hot. He was no Steve Austin, a man barely alive. Of course, Lee did wear those leisure suits - so he wasn't that big of a catch.

...and poor Ed McMahon. He's not even on the radar....even for the Angel of Death. Even in the 'it comes in threes' rule, he is still the side-kick.

Song by: the Clash


Larry Ohio said...

"...oh, and I didn't buy her poster in hopes of concealing my homosexuality. Trust me, I know a few guys who did."


tornwordo said...

I love posts where people talk about everything they hate and poo poo what others like - not.

Ryan O'Neal was so hot in Paper Moon. Or didn't you see that one either?

Blobby said...

Now Now Torn - I didn't say I hated him...or her. Just that neither of them did anything for me.

I don't wish them dead - but I also don't see the big fuss. But that's just me.

We all like different things - that's just how things go. If we were all were on the same page about everything - it would be a massively boring place to be.