Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Affair

Poor poor Governor Sanford.

Caught in another lie. Or lies. And apparently several more indiscretions.

Yes, he cannot keep those fibs straight. Apparently he didn't go to Argentina visit his tranny mistress five times in the last year, but seven. I can see how he got confused, considering they are both prime numbers.

Oh - and he "crossed the line" with other women, but never had sex with them. Now, I know this is different for all gals, but I'll ask (since clearly I have no frame of reference), but where is that line? What is the line? And what must one do to cross it?

He's a douche and we all know it. Hell, deep down, I think he even he knows it. Not only because of his sons, his job and his voting record and stance on the 'sanctity of marriage' and 'family values'. To be fair, he never said what family. Could be Ted Kaczynski. Could be Morticia & Gomez. Charlie Manson had lots of "children"

Now, I will say, I am loving his wife. Soon to be ex, one can hope. She knew about his affair - yes, she forbade him from doing x, y and z and he did it anyway. She doesn't give a crap now about his career or his issues - she has a family to take care of and protect, which is more than one can say of him. Mr. Family Values.

I love she didn't show up to his tearful press conference. Seriously - what does he have to cry over, other than getting caught? No standing by his side, pretending to forgive "her man" for the sake of his sham of a political career.

I think that ship has sailed. Maybe he should get on it - back to Argentina.

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anne marie in philly said...

for this gal, the line is intercourse.

seriously, his wife should cut him loose. if sanford thinks the babe in argentina is his soulmate, fine; live together with her, she will find out about his cheating ass and move on too.

another GOP hypocrite...may they all rot in hell!

cb said...

The absolute BEST thing about someecards is that they are instantaneous with the political satire! Brills!