Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Site of the Month

I've been looking for a good Site of the Month with mixed results.

My friend Sal directed me towards one that goes beyond NSFW. Way beyond. He thinks it is funny. The site has such potential, but you have to encounter a bit of raunch to get the "funny" parts.

The 'bit' of raunch is actually quite a bit of it - and for not as much pay-off as you should have.

So I'm going with option #2. I know - you're let down already, aren't you?

Pretend you're not so you don't hurt Becky's feelings.

The other day, I was axing her how I am supposed to clean my yoga mat. I was hoping it didn't have to go in a tub and hung out to dry. They never really give you instructions when you buy it and let's face it - I roll around on there a few times a week and get it sweaty. That can't be good - right?

Anyway, Becca sent me this back: (don't worry - it's not really a site for Yoga Mat Wipes....not really) click here, please.

Ok, it's not a site as much as a program. But it was still fun to watch. To be honest, I don't know how it works - maybe she'll tell you.


Larry Ohio said...

Man, you are a tease and a half!

First you tease us about getting your RSS and archives fixed, now you are teasing us about Sal's raunchy site. What's up with that?

A Lewis said...

Screw the nice site....I'm down for the raunch me.

tornwordo said...

Very disappointed. You can always send me raunchy sites. Hey here's one for you.