Friday, July 24, 2009

16 Candles

I've gone 8 months without a day break in blogging and I'm not about stop now. I currently have a goal to do a complete year with one entry per day. A few months ago I thought it would be unachievable, but I no longer think this.

But I've lagged too long to get a meaningful post going today (ok - not like most of my posts are 'meaningful', yes, I get that!).

So ruckiry (not Jon's boss), Rebecca gave me this last week and it made me smile. Not laugh out loud, but it was a toothy grin. See, Becky, Jon, Morty and Dity can quote every line and scene from Sixteen Candles.

It's not like we've made it our life's work - it's just come very naturally to us. Every word, every pause, every inflection. Ok - that might be stretching it a bit.

So anyway, Becky provided me Sixteen Candles, as re-enacted by Bunnies in 30 Seconds. I LOVE the disclaimer: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! Contains bunnies cursing, and bunnies in humiliating teen/tween situations.

I love it mostly for the 'humiliating for teen/tween situations'. Score. A direct hit!

I couldn't find a way to embed it into my blog, so I'll just direct you to go here.

Song by: Danielle Dax


cb said...

And you do it on a cloud without getting pregnant OR herpes...

I LOVE this movie!!! And yes, I can quote it too.

Birdie said...

My favorite bunny movie is Titanic."