Tuesday, July 07, 2009


C'mon! Is this not the best bumper sticker ever????

It might be. It really really might be. It really didn't even need the secondary line. The primary line worked all on its own.

One would truly have to think that running for 2012 is no longer an option for this woman. Until Saturday, I thought it would have been a done deal - but no one likes a quitter.

I mean - I do. At least I am now.

But Palin is not your average Joe (the plumber). She doesn't think like you and/or I. I'm sure in her warped mind she thinks that leaving her job early gives her more time to plan for the race to the White House.

I'm not sure others think of her this way. But 2012 is a long way off - and even with a 24 hour news cycle, we as a country have no long-term memory.

Of course with misreports of the FBI looking into her shenanigans and her threatening to sue any blogger who says otherwise, she is a nutbag. She blames the media for all of it. ....and I, and I alone, have the solution:


If she ever has another run-in with a talk show host to get herself press - don't report it. If she does indeed runs for president - don't follow her campaign. If she were to cure cancer - don't put it on TV.

Of course, then she'd blame the media for that lack of coverage too. It's not like Fox isn't going to do it for us/her anyway. Just let her flounder on her own.

But still - it is a great bumper sticker. I'd hate not to be able to slap it on my car.

Song by: Ray LaMontange


Larry Ohio said...

I have no doubt that very soon FOX News will announce that Palin will be their newest star political analyst, seated right next to Carl Rove.

That would be kind of cool actually. She'd still have time on TV to entertain the world, and Tina Fey would get to keep her job.

I hope Palin really does run for president. It would be wonderful to see her split the GOP like Ross Perot did. And besides, we'd get to see more of Todd. Maybe my secret fantasy of getting the First Dude and Joe the plumber to blow me at the Inaugural Ball will come true.

Bristol said...

This is so meen spirited and liberal and such as. Why can't she be aloud to do what makes us, I mean her, happy?!