Thursday, July 09, 2009

Flower Man

At the picnic the other day, a number of people commented on our yard. They think "we" did a nice job with the plantings and all.

I didn't let on to anyone that "we" was really only Denton. As you read in last month's flower post, I don't know much about plants and flowers all that much. Some basics, but that's it.

The deer I also wrote about continues to eat some the stuff. Bother.

But I like taking pics of our flowers - and they don't turn out too horrendous. I still don't know what much of the stuff is. At least technically.


still ?????

Lily - red

Variegated lily - yellow & orange

no idea

Daisy - yellow

some kind of hydrangea

Daisy - white

Variegated lily - again

Daisy - yellow. again.

Song by: Tonic

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Jonny said...

I'm not sure about the first one (the flowers sort of look like a Wysteria but the leaves don't) but the 2nd and 5th look to be some sort of Verbena or Lantana?